This viral cabinet decorating hack will make your kitchen look like something out of the coziest Netflix Christmas movie

 A kitchen decorated for christmas.
A kitchen decorated for christmas.

With Thanksgiving and Black Friday in the rearview, it's now officially Christmas season. So dust off those decor bins in your basement and turn on your favorite holiday music playlist because it's time to festive-fy every surface of your house, from your sitting room to your bedroom to your kitchen.

Most of us decorating our living rooms, but the kitchen doesn't always get as much love - despite the fact it's really the heart of the home during the holidays. That's why I was excited to spot this DIY decorating idea trending online. It's customizable, easy to scale up or down depending on your taste, and probably costs less than $15 to pull off - and an inexpensive Christmas decorating idea is probably my favorite kind of idea of all.

The easiest Christmas kitchen decor

In this Instagram reel, @alondra.leneisha essentially wraps her kitchen cabinets with holiday ribbon the way she would wrap a present — one piece stretched horizontally, and one piece stretched vertically, so both pieces form a cross shape. At the intersection point, she then sticks a holiday bow and calls it a day. The end result? Her kitchen cabinets look fun and festive, not unlike a Christmas present, and her counters remain open and free from holiday decor clutter. Crucial when you're hosting!

Best of all, you can replicate this trend for as low as just $11. How easy is that?

What you'll need

2" Sheer Metallic Christmas Ribbon Red

Price: $10

If a striped ribbon design seems to much, stick to basics with this shimmery red.

2" Christmas Plaid Fabric Ribbon Red/Green

Price: $10

For a darker-toned and busier look — perhaps best for darker cabinets? — this plaid fabric ribbon would work excellently.

1.5" Fabric Christmas Ribbon 20' Green

Price: $6

This sage green ribbon would add a bit more elegance to the project, and tie it into a more muted, neutral-leaning palette.

Candy Stripe Long Tail Wreath Bow

Price: $2.47

These 19.5" ribbons from Walmart look nearly identical to those featured in the video and would go fabulously with the solid red ribbon.

Glitter Fabric Christmas Bow Gold

Price: $3 for six

Tie in the gold color in the plaid ribbon with this low-cost option from Target. A great deal if you have lots of cabinets to dress up!

Holiday Plaid Fabric Decorative Christmas Bow Black/White

Price: $5

Lean into an unexpected color/pattern combination by mixing the sage green ribbon with a black and white plaid ribbon.

Other festive kitchen decor

Abi Dessert Plates

Price: $50.40 for four

Stash these green-and-white dessert plates in your newly decorated cabinets. A gorgeous and understated holiday touch, perfect for a slice of pie or a mix of cookies.

Christmas in the Country Cotton Tea Towels

Price: $29.50 for two

I love the various colors embedded in these dish towels, which would make an adorable Christmas scene draped across your oven handle.

Ornament Woody Fresh Balsam & Cedarwood Glass Candle

Price: $22.40

For a kitchen island centerpiece, go one and done with this large fresh balsam and cedarwood glass candle, shaped and styled exactly like an ornament.

Marie Plum Coupe Cocktail Glass

Price: $13.55

This CB2 coupe is a bestseller, though this reimagined colorway from Chicago-based fashion designer Azeeza is quite new (and quite understatedly festive).

Gingham Napkins

Price: $58 for four

Tie in some of the read from your cabinet display with these darling cloth napkins from Lulu and Georgia.

Euphoria Brass Plated Trivet

Price: $17.96

From a design perspective, trivets rarely get a facelift. This one from CB2 is worthy of display all year round, but especially at the holidays.