Viral 'Amazon Snake Cat' Has the Internet Totally Baffled

We gotta admit, this cat would be pretty cool if it was real.

People fall for hoaxes for a variety of reasons, and two of the most common reasons came together to make some people on the Internet believe this absolutely gorgeous but rather poorly executed photoshop of the "Amazon snake cat" was a real cat. The two reasons? Probably emotional appeal as in hope, because, yeah, an Amazon Snake Cat would be a super cool animal to have exist in the world and the other reason -  social influence - because some people may be more likely to believe and share information if they see it on Reddit or Twitter. It's fake news peoples! Sadly!

@Jenniffereyes467 shared the following video showing the "cat" to TikTok.

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Everyone on your socials is having a field day with this hilarious hoax post.

The original tweet reads, "Serpens catus is the rarest species of feline on Earth .These Animals live in hard to reach regions of the Amazon rainforest , and therefore they are relatively poorly studied .The first images capturing the snake cat appeared only in the 2020.Weighs up the 4 stone."

Uh-huh. Okay buddy.

@Soletree hilariously comments, "Ahh the Photoshopius maximus Serpens catus! The rarest of the breed." @Oipr adds, "Yeah perhaps in other Planets out there beyond our Solar System, animals with different biologies than our own furry friends on Earth. Cool Photoshop though." @SebastianMort says, "I still want one….." LOL! NicoleRay adds, "Fake Mews!"

For those of you broken-hearted that the Amazon Snake Cat isn't a real cat, not to worry, because here is an actual real life snake cat. You're welcome!

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