This viral $10 Amazon find makes your kitchen's countertop appliances so much more practical

 A countertop with appliances on it.
A countertop with appliances on it.

I’m someone who would say I definitely have it covered in terms of clever organization hacks that make my cupboards, or kitchen, or any cluttered area of the home tidy and easy to maneuver. A bit of a know-it-all, if you will, I claim to have seen it all.

So behold my surprise when I stumbled upon Becky Hillyard’s Instagram video showing the digital creator using these tiny little swivel caster wheels that she stuck on the bottom of her kitchen appliances.  This might be my new favorite idea for how to organize a kitchen.

You know how annoying it is when you need to use the toaster, mixer or smoothie maker and they’re set back a bit on your countertop, so you have to pick them up or drag them out? Well, I didn’t realize I was annoyed by this either until I saw this video and it turns out, I definitely need stick-on, mini swivel caster wheels in my life.

In her video, Becky demonstrates it couldn’t be easier. Peel the cover off the sticker and fix 3-4 on the bottom of any kitchen appliance you need to easily move around your countertop, with scratching the surface.

I want them for all my kitchen appliances now to organize kitchen countertops - but just make sure to buy the stick-on wheels. There are some that need screws and completely miss the point, so read the description carefully. Now, roll on to Amazon and get yourself some of these little marvels.

Adhesive mini swivel caster wheels

Price: $9.99

These kitchen game-changing mini caster wheels are super easy to use due to their adhesive back and can stick on any small appliance, for much smoother use.