Violet Just Dropped Some New Boards And Apparel, Thoughts?

I'm personally a less is more kind of person, so at first glance, I'm not mad about these "simple" graphics that Violet just dropped. The peace sign is cool—whatever—no harm, no foul. But not everyone seems to be as easy going about it. (Ha!)

Tapping into the comments, there's a hurricane of debate over the new brand's latest boards and apparel drop, the main consensus seeming to be that the graphics are "lazy" and that they're "not even trying."

Is it lazy, or is it a level of genius that most people can't grasp? The team is stacked, there's no denying that. Kader alone could carry that ship (he basically does). And sometimes when you have such a talented squad waving the same flag, it really doesn't even matter what's on it. Weird, I know. But true, nonetheless.

Either way, it's fair to argue. The easy solution is to simply not purchase the stuff if you aren't feeling it? But it's 2023 and this is the Internet (social media) we're talking about here. Everyone is always eager to spark the next big argument.

You might not see me rocking the tees, hoodies or those beanies that admittedly look like they belong on some 90s SRH clearance rack, but the boards look solid and my curiosity is there nonetheless. I think they're sick.

Again, less is more.

However, I'm just one man with one opinion. What are your thoughts?

Post / @itsviolet

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