When violating a central fantasy rule causes heartbreak

Yahoo Fantasy expert Andy Behrens looks at some rough beats in fantasy football in Week 4, including a team who lost by less than a point.

Video Transcript

ANDY BEHRENS: Yeah, it's that time again. This is where we discuss the events that just absolutely shattered your fantasy life from week 4. This right here is a special edition of "Fantasy Bad Beats."


Listen. When we have two Monday night games, we hear from a great many of you. Some of you, you lost match-ups in heartbreaking fashion on Patrick Mahomes' kneel downs. Others, you lost because Calvin Ridley didn't catch a pass.


But I believe my favorite beat from this week-- favorite beat probably isn't the best way to put it-- but the one that we've selected to highlight this week comes to us from Jen Britt, and it's not a Monday nighter at all. It's got a little Monday night wrinkle to it, but mostly-- Well, let's just read.

"Going into the Green Bay game, my team-- my team, Land Chark, had 100 points to 121 points and like a 6% chance of winning. I lost by 0.56! Of course, I also played McLaurin and Boyd over Chark and Lamb, so 20 points to my bench. [SIGH] I'm fourth in my league. Another 0.57 points and I would be first."

Oh, where to begin here. Listen. Sometimes fantasy experts can get bogged down in analytics. We start talking to you about missed tackle rate. We start talking about yards after contact, yards after catch, air yards, all kinds of yards.

We can get bogged down in that stuff, but that's not what happened here. Instead, you lost because you violated just a central rule in fantasy. And that is if you name your team after a player, I'm sorry, you not only have to draft that player, you have to start them every week that they are not on a bye and every week that they are healthy. You can't sit DJ Chark after naming your team after him.

Oh my gosh, your avatar is even-- It's fantastic. You got a little shark there. I love everything about it, except the fact that you put him on the bench. You even mentioned that you actually had Valdes-Scantling in your lineup, presumably over DJ Chark, which is just--


You don't-- like, maybe you didn't deserve this win, right? You don't start the player that your team is named after. I mean, it's a sacred contract. It is a sacred covenant that we have with these players. You must start them when they are in your team name.

Hate to say it, but you kind of deserved this loss. And that's-- and that's fantasy. Sometimes you're going to lose, sometimes, rare cases, you're going to tie, and sometimes--


--you get regulated. That's what happened here, Jen [INAUDIBLE].

Our honorable mention this week has to go to Kyle. And oh my goodness, I hope that I didn't play a role in this. Poor Kyle benched Joe Mixon and his three touchdowns and his 180 total yards for Kenyan Drake. It's possible-- possible-- probable that he did this on my recommendation.

Listen. We all thought Kenyan Drake was a good start this week against Carolina. Literally every running back had gone off against the Panthers until Kenyan Drake got a hold of them and put up a dud. Kyle, I'm-- I'm so sorry. And now you've got to live with this entire Mixon-Drake mess for the rest of the season.

Remember folks, when things maybe don't go your way in week 5, think of your friends at "Fantasy Football Live." Reach out to us. Hashtag #FFLBadBeats.