Video of Woman 'Disciplining' Her Cat Is So Relatable to Pet Parents

We tend to think our pets are perfect little angels sent to brighten our entire lives. Now, we're not saying that's not true, but the reality is that they aren't always the perfect pets. They get into trouble, going places they'll not supposed to go. As much as we want to get mad at them, we can't.

TikTok user @tiffanyelsie.e1 reflects those exact feelings when she "disciplines" her cat who got on the kitchen counter. If this isn't every pet parent than we don't know what is. Take a look!

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O.M.G. We have never felt more exposed after watching a video than this. LOL! First of all, this is so relatable because cats love getting into spots that they're not supposed to and clearly, this Black Cat is no different. Secondly, who can ever stay mad at these sweet faces?!

Since cats are very independent, it might be difficult to get them to stop bad habits, but don't worry, it's not impossible. Counter surfing is just one of many bad behaviors a cat owner might experience. Consider doing the following to get your cat to stop climbing on the countertops. Never leave food on the counter, especially if you're leaving the house. This is very important because if you do, you're cat will think it is a tasty reward for getting up on the counter. A big no, no.

You'll want to encourage your cats to go elsewhere for high vantage points such as window sills, cat perches, or floating shelves. Reward them for using these high vantage points instead of the counters. Don't get frustrated if it doesn't work right away. You can also use deterrents like sticky mats to help discourage that behavior. But above all, be patient!

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