Video: Watch Pro Surfers Koa Smith and Jamie O'Brien Mix it Up at Huge Waimea Bay

It's been a good winter for the North Shore. Particularly, Pipeline has been all-time with an all-star cast of pros in town for the upcoming Lexus Pipe Pro scoring perfect surf at the notorious spot.

But when the waves are too big, too small, or just too crappy to surf, there are a few other things surfers do to entertain themselves on the North Shore.

Options include surfing Town, golfing, and hiking the bunker. Or if the Waimea River is full, surfing the standing wave at Waimea Bay like Koa Smith and Jamie O'Brien in the video below.

Yesterday, Smith captioned his latest vlog above:


"Jamie O'Brian and I surf huge Hawaiian flash flood river wave at Waimea River!"

Smith opens the video by saying:

"It's a full river today. We're about to get freaking pounded. It's still a little treacherous today, Waimea's like 20 feet out the back. We're surfing a wave into that. This is gonna be gnarly."

After that, it's about eight minutes of Smith, O'Brien, and a crew of other local surfers f*cking around on all different kinds of boards.

At one point, the wave gets bigger than it normally does, or as Smith said, it's "massive."

Press play above for a more lighthearted approach to surfing Waimea.

One viewer thought about sharks and asked:

"Does that river flow attract Tigers closer to shore?"

Hawaii shark diver and conservationist Ocean Ramsey recently addressed that concern in a post about shark safety.

According to Ramsey:

"Avoid surfing near flowing river mouths that release dirty water, which can contain dead and decaying animals."


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