Video of Two Baby Sloths Meeting for the First Time Is Simply Irresistible

Is there anything cuter than a sloth? How about two of them! Located in Costa Rica, Jaguar Rescue Center is a temporary home for sick, injured, and orphaned animals. They share some really cute videos on TikTok of the animals that they rescue, but this one that they shared on Wednesday, January 31st just might be my favorite!

The video is only 14 seconds long, but it's total cuteness overload. It shows two rescued baby sloths meeting for the first time and it's adorable! The two, who appear to be cozied up in a bed together, are saying hello to each other with lots of kisses. The rescue center says in its caption, "It was love at first sight for these two!"

Aren't they just the sweetest! I wish I knew these cuties' backstory! @Jaguar Rescue Center usually shares context about how the baby sloths are found, but I guess they didn't need to with all this cuteness!

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Do Sloths Make Good Pets?

An interesting thing that I noticed in the rescue center's caption is one of the hashtags they used, "#notapet". Everybody knows that sloths are adorable and totally chill, but do sloths make good pets? The first thing that you need to know is that depending on if they're legal in your state or where you live (they're not legal in my state), you could get one as a pet. These guys are considered exotic pets, and finding specialized care for them could be very difficult. And if they are legal in your state, the real question is, should you really keep one as a pet?

Sloths require a large amount of time and money to take care of. Feeding sloths in captivity isn't easy, as they need zoological-grade food, which you can't order through Amazon or find at the grocery store. Even though they don't eat much due to their slow metabolism, the food can still cost under a hundred or several hundred dollars a month.

Housing a sloth also requires more than just putting them in a cage. They need an aviary-type enclosure ample room to climb around and things to climb on. Sloths are sensitive to extreme temperatures and literally cannot shiver when they're cold, so you have to be able to regulate their living space as well.

While I'd probably skip having a pet sloth for more than just monetary reasons, I love that Jaguar Rescue Center shares these heartwarming videos. I always smile when I stumble across their videos!

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