Video of Turtle Enjoying Watermelon Snack Is an Aesthetic Timeline Cleanse

There's nothing like a cold, delicious watermelon snack to cool you down on a hot summer day. And believe it or not, we humans are not alone when it comes to those who enjoy this sweet treat. Dogs, raccoons, birds, elephants, bears, and even more animals all enjoy eating watermelon.

That's why this recent clip from the Aquarium of the Pacific, known on TikTok as @aquariumpacific, shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. One of the workers held out the watermelon for the turtle to get a nibble and it's honestly too cute for words. Take a look!

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Now, this is our kind of ASMR video. Forget meditation or yoga classes, this video is all we needed to relax. We don't know what it is, but this completely cleared our minds and put us in the best mood. Well, who isn't in a good mood when eating watermelon. LOL!

As delicious a treat watermelon can be, there are actually plenty of health benefits with it too. So honestly, a win-win for everyone! Cats can eat watermelon and it's a great treat if your feline is struggling with hydration. But cats who are diabetic or sensitive to high sugars should stay clear of it. Watermelon is also an excellent choice for dogs with upset stomachs. But remember, special treats like watermelon is best in moderation.

Always do your research or ask your pet's vet before offering your pets pieces of watermelon and other human foods. You'll want to double check if any food is toxic and if not, how much can your pet have. While fruits are tasty treats, they are also high in sugar and since an animal's digestion system is different than ours, they might process the high sugar differently. It never hurts to double-check with a professional. Better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your precious pets!

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