Video of Tired Duckling Wearing a ‘Hat’ Is Cuteness Overload


If you're looking for something to brighten your day, look no further than this video that @motherthemountain (AKA Anastasia) shared in October 2023 of an adorable and very sleepy duckling!

The video starts with Anastasia showing us the little duckling sitting in some greenery. He's just a tiny little thing! She picks a flower, turns it upside down, and puts it on his head like a colorful hat. Being that cute is hard work, and the duckling decides it's time for a nap. I could watch this all day!

If @motherthemountain's video didn't make your day, I don't know what would! The duckling, whose name is Nasturtium, is just adorable! And from the caption, this duckling is now a duck who recently turned 3. They grow so fast!

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With nearly 1,300 comments, I'm not the only one who loved this sweet video. @Ash or Felix swooned, "AWWWWWW HE'S SO CUTEEE AHHHH!!!!!" @The real jozie tagged a friend and said, "Please get me a ducky"! @UncleAimee said what I was thinking, "I can’t EVEN!!!" and another commenter said, "Now I want a baby duck to do that to"!

Ducks actually make great pets and having them around comes with benefits like pest control and fresh eggs. They eat less food than chickens and can even eat some people food like kale. They're also smart and it's a lot of fun to watch them play. Just make sure there's water for them to splash around in!

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