Video of Tiny Chihuahua Meditating Is a Total Vibe

This tiny fluffball is living the life.

Us humans work so hard! Between jobs and school and caring for kids and pets and doing ridiculously time-consuming and boring stuff like vacuuming we could all use a little break. TGIF, are we right? It's been a long week so let's all take a moment for a nice serotonin boost brought to us by TikTok user @LoutheChiChi who is way better at relaxing than any of us are. 

Wait a minute! Just look at this baby totally chilling and umm, what does she need relaxation for? Being cute? She's totally adorable but we don't think she's a very hard worker unless cuteness is her job.

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We aren't jealous! You're jealous! We want a lakeside meditation and massage session! Lou is just too freaking adorable and commenters agree. @Foggysfca posts, "Lou is a spa kind of girl. She looks so pretty in her outfit." @Desertchill adds, "What a relaxing session. And Lou’s outfit is so stylish!" @RaeandMilo says "You deserve the best treatment, beautiful Lou." 

She totally does! But so do we! So next time you get to take one of these breaks LouLou, bring us with! We promise to bring lots of snacks. 

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