Video of Texas Shelter Dogs Who Have Been Waiting for Homes for Years Has Us in Tears

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How much longer do they have to wait for loving homes?

Despite an increase in shelter adoptions in recent years, there are still many dogs that have been waiting a long time to find forever homes, and it breaks our hearts. One shelter employee is trying to help these pups get adopted by spreading awareness of their availability and length of time they have been in the shelter.

TikTok user @ccain88 is a shelter worker at PAWS Shelter of Central Texas, and she recently shared a video of the dogs that have been at the shelter for the longest and are still awaiting adoption. Check out the video to see all these sweet babies who are waiting to find their forever home, and see if any of these pups could be your next dog!

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OMG, we are in tears. We can't believe how long the dogs have been in the shelter. Our hearts are broken for these pups that have been without families for so long.

People in the comments wished they had more space to bring some of these dogs home for good. @trinabeana1023 said, "Man, I wish I had a place big enough, I'd rescue all these babies. The one thing I've always wanted in life is to help them." Another user, @sarahhhk1, commented, "Every day TikTok is telling me I need to buy a ranch and take them all." This is every dog lover's dream!

Others were heartbroken for these dogs and couldn't believe how long they have gone without being adopted. @nguyen_kym commented, "Oh my heart, these sweet babies… over 1,000 days?!" and @716ergirl said, "This breaks my heart! Why won’t people adopt older dogs? We adopted two from our local shelter! Best dogs ever!" It's truly astounding that so many beautiful dogs haven't been captured anyone's heart yet.

We hope these pups haven't given up hope on finding a family. There is a right person for every pup, we just know it. Someone is going to make these pups very happy soon, and vice versa!

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