Video Of Texas Officer Aggressively Arresting A Teenage Girl And Her Mom Is Causing Outrage

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Handcuffs Used In The Arrest Of Henry Louis Gates
Handcuffs Used In The Arrest Of Henry Louis Gates

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A video of an arrest of an 18-year-old Black girl in Forney, Texas, is causing outrage on social media. In the video, a sheriff’s deputy from the Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office is straddling the teenage girl, named Nekia Trigg, with his legs under her legs while he is pinning her down during an arrest that occurred on July 27. In the video, he claimed he was doing so because he received a call that she was seen trying to run in front of cars.

As Trigg is pinned down, her mother, Antanique Ray, is explaining to the officer that her daughter is not suicidal and that she was not the girl whom he received the call about. The officer still did not budge and then flipped the visibly distressed girl over to handcuff her. As they were all walking to a police vehicle, Trigg said the cuffs were too tight around her wrists. When Ray reached for her, the officer then lunged at the mother, pinned her to the ground and also handcuffed her.

“All I did was ask you to listen to us,” Ray said in the video. “I didn’t touch you. I touched my daughter when she said the handcuffs were too tight.”

The officer who pinned Trigg down had a body camera, however it was not on his person while he was pinning her down. The bystanders were are yelling at him, threatening to report him for not only using excessive force but for also not wearing his body camera for a short period of time. During the incident, there were seven police officers there in total.

The Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident, CBS reported.

The video of the incident has gone viral and people have been calling the sheriff’s office so much they released a statement asking the public to please stop.

“Kaufman County Sheriff’s office is aware of the recent social media post from an incident that occurred in Forney Texas on 07/27/2021 involving a KCSO deputy and a female,” the statement read. “Our administration is reviewing the incident. In the interest of public safety, we ask the public to refrain from calling our non-emergency number as it is creating an unmanageable call volume.”

Watch the disturbing video below.