Video: Steve Caballero Takes a Lap at Local Southern California Skatepark, Still Rock Solid

This is what it looks like to be dialed. Steve Caballero could do this with his eyes closed, and that's not because it's easy or mellow—nope.

It's because he's dialed. He's a professional. He's that same little kid from the Del Mar Skate Ranch having fun with his friends, pushing himself and forever mastering his craft.

Watching Cab stand up tall and boardslide around a corner will never get old—not to me, not to you, not to anyone. Confirmed. No argument.

Iconic figures like Steve are looked at as legends for a million reasons, often for what they've done rather than what they're doing, but that's just not the case with someone like Cab. He's still charging on his board, still playing in a punk band, riding motorcycles, creating art...the list goes on!

He's a legend because he continues to inspire us all, on and off the board, proving that age is truly just a number. It's on us to keep that youthful spirit alive and well inside of us. And in all honesty, his age is unimportant, I just keep referencing it because I can genuinely only hope to have that same drive and energy as I grow older.

Cheers to a lifetime of inspiration, Cab! Keep that fire inside burning.

Video / @paulkobriger @stevecaballero

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