Video of Sloth Giving Caretaker 'Pets' Is So Sweet

All animals deserve love and affection.

As we all know, petting an animal is the most common way to show love and care for them. Usually, in response, the animal will lean into our touch or give kisses to reciprocate the affection. However, one animal is flipping the script with their caretaker in this awesome video.

TikTok user @animaledventures is an animal park and safari experience, and they recently shared a video of a staff member holding one of his sloths. In the video, the sloth shows affection for his caretaker by petting his face! Check out the video to see this cool moment for yourself.

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Awww, this is so sweet! We love that animals are able to mimic the way we show affection to them. It shows they recognize we love them, and they love us back!

People in the comments think this is such a sweet moment between the sloth and his caretaker. @tammytarallo said, "This is a precious moment. Animals understand who cares and who don’t!" and @twinky12342 commented, "Awwww this is so sweet." We love to see such a strong bond between the animals and the staff!

Others thought this sloth was just adorable. @betinagould commented, "OMG, I love them. So freakin' adorable, I can’t even," and @okiecowgirl62 said, "Awww, this makes my heart happy. So adorable!" Sloths are very under appreciated animals, and they make amazing cuddle buddies!

It makes us happy to know that this sloth loves his caretaker so much. It's so important for animals to be in loving environments with people that care for them so deeply!

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