Video: Skateboarding Roadtrip in the Bay Area w/ Erick Winkowski, Pedro Delfino, Rob Pace

Nothing like starting a roadtrip video with a bang: New Santa Cruz pro kicks off this video with a very gnarly crooked grind into a steep bank with a sketchy ride out. The tone is set and it's off to spots all over NorCal from there on out. Peep the heavy crew—they even got Eric Dressen in the van!

"Join us as we go trippin’ around the Bay Area with Erick Winkowski, Fabiana Delfino, Rob Pace and the rest of the SC squad to commemorate Santa Cruz Skateboards’ 50th anniversary and our new collaboration truck."

Yo, Dressen on the China Banks?! It doesn't get much more classic than that. Great to see Eman Guzman ripping, we don't see enough footage of this man! Land a trick and the filmer hits you with the beer bong? Okay.

Dressen and Eman keep it OG at the Palo Alto park. Place has been around for decades—a definite must hit when you're up north. Treasure Island gets hit, as does the SF Flower Shop and so much more. Get your last roadtrip in before winter!

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