WATCH: What It's Like to Be Stalked by a Great White Shark

A great white shark lurks behind a boat off the coast of Cape Town. (Barcroft TV)

Cue the Jaws music.

In a video guaranteed to give you nightmares, an underwater camera captured a great white shark stalking and then attacking a boat.

Professional underwater cinematographer Charles Maxwell mounted a remote camera to his boat off the coast of South Africa. The footage shows a 13-foot great white shark following the boat before eventually taking a bite out of the camera when the boat came to a stop. Left behind was was a large scratch on the tow camera’s lens and a great party story.

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Photographer Charles Maxwell poses with his underwater camera. (Barcroft TV)

The video gives an up close and personal account of what it would feel like to be quietly stalked by one of nature’s most feared predators.

Photographer Charles Maxwell’s video also captured a pod of dolphins and a group of seals swimming behind the boat. Luckily for them, the great white wasn’t nearby.

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