Video Shows Pro Cyclist Chugging Beer Mid-Race With a Spectator

Getty Images

Few things compare to the feeling of cracking open a cold one with your friends after an intense workout or race. One cyclist in the Tour of Britain, though, couldn't exactly wait for the race to be over.

Luke Rowe, a Welsh cyclist with the Ineos Grenadiers, just finished riding in the annual Tour of Britain, which wrapped up on Sept. 10 after a week of weaving through the countryside. Caerphilly Mountain near Rowe's hometown of Cardiff serves as the venue for the grand finale of the race, and as he approached the finish line, he was joined by a spectator who handed him a Corona bottle.

It turns out that the viewer was none other than his brother wearing a wig and a dress. They clinked beer bottles (with his brother fittingly bearing the word "Cheers" on his outfit) and began chugging the lager while moving alongside each other—Rowe on his bike, and his brother running alongside him on foot.

"Imagine this: your best mate is your brother. I support him, he supports me," Rowe wrote about the viral clip. "We meet on the last climb of the race and sink a beer together. Maybe it’s not the perfect pro image but fuck it. We have to enjoy these moments."

Spanish cyclist Íñigo Elosegui found the family affair to be especially endearing. "Man, this is what makes cycling special and these are the kind of moments that will live forever in your memories. And that’s what really matters!" he commented on social media. "It was great to climb there by your side and feel how everyone was cheering. From now on I have to love Wales and its people."

Hey, if some beers can work as a recovery drink, why shouldn't you be able to get a head start with your friends and family?