Video Shows Helicopter Chase and Arrest of Suspected Armored Truck Thief

Few things about life are certain these days, but one thing generally holds true: You can't try to grab cash from an armored truck without somebody noticing. That's what happened in Florida on Thursday when a man was accused of nabbing money from a reinforced vehicle outside a bank and fleeing. The resulting police chase expanded to involve a helicopter, which caught the pursuit on video. Read on to see what happened and how it ended.


Armored Truck Robbed Outside Bank

Local station Fox 35 reports the man was suspected of robbing a Loomis armored truck which was sitting outside a Bank of America in Lake Mary, Florida, on Thursday. The Seminole County Sheriff's Office posted video of the pursuit and the arrest of 22-year-old Michael Jerome Virgil. 


Slow-Speed Chase Doesn't End as Suspect Intended

In the footage, police are seen pursuing Virgil, who is in a white car, down Interstate 4, which was congested with vehicles at the time.

Perhaps because of the crowded highway conditions, the helicopter's footage captures Virgil soon pulling into the parking lot of a Residence Inn by Marriott. There, he was arrested, and police noted the cash was recovered. Keep reading to see the video.


Sheriff's Office Commemorates Teamwork on Facebook

"Our #Alert Helicopter Team was there as deputies arrested a man suspected of stealing cash from an armored truck outside the Bank of America on Lake Mary Boulevard in unincorporated Lake Mary. Thank you Florida Highway Patrol and Orlando Police Department for assistance in the takedown inside a downtown Orlando parking garage. Great Teamwork!" the sheriff's office said on Facebook.

Virgil is facing several charges, including robbery with a firearm and violation of probation, the sheriff's office says.


Social Media Reacts

While most comments the sheriff's office Facebook page were appreciative of the efficient and effective police work — "Great teamwork," wrote one man. "Terrific results." — others used it as a chance to exercise some snark.

"That was a happy turn of events! BoA usually steals money from us!" said one commenter.

They're just taking back some of that bailout money from 2008," said another. "I mean the government only gave Bank of America 20 billion dollars." 

Another commenter observed that the helicopter video looked like a scene from Grand Theft Auto.


Not the Only Wild Helicopter Chase This Week

Although this pursuit ended relatively quickly and without incident, there have been several wild and prolonged police chases across the country this summer. In Central New York this week, a 40-year-old Syracuse man led police (and a helicopter unit) on a prolonged pursuit through three local communities. It involved two carjackings—while the police were chasing him—and a crash. Police ultimately arrested the man after using "stop sticks" that deflated the tires of the vehicle he was driving. He faces multiple charges.