Video Shows Food Delivery Robot Rolling Through LA Crime Scene While Unfazed Police Officers Look On

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You know that we have arrived in the future when food delivery robots are a thing. While you may have never seen one of these sci-fi looking gadgets rolling around your neighborhood, companies like Uber Eats have been testing out robotic food delivery options in bigger markets, like Los Angeles and Houston. The robots, with cooler-shaped bodies carrying the food, are programmed to stop at lights, use crosswalks, and avoid bumping into humans as they make their way to their final destination. However, one robot clearly wasn't prepared for a Los Angeles crime scene. 


A Robot Rolled Onto a Crime Scene

A food delivery robot named Connie, from Serve Robotics, which contracts with Uber Eats, was rolling through Hollywood when it happened upon a crime scene at Hollywood High School. According to reports, there was an active shooter report that the Los Angeles Police Department had responded to. Keep reading to learn more and see the video.


The Police Look Confused

Several police officers were standing around as the robot rolled onto the scene. Many of them looked perplexed as it meandered down the street, stopping near some police tape. Most were watching to see where it would go next. 


Many Questioned Who He Was

"Who is this guy?" one of the cops asks his coworker. The robot continued navigating through the scene. At one point a police officer can be seen stepping out of the way, while the other officers looked like they didn't know what to do. 


Others Point Out It Could Be a Bomb

Some people were frightened by Connie's presence. In the video, someone asks "what if there's a bomb?" "That's going to be the easiest way to bomb people, is the robot," responds another. "Here's a delivery of TNT for you guys," the first person answers. 


The Robot "Believed They Were Being Waved Through"

According to the company responsible for the robot, he was doing exactly what he thought he should. "Our standard operating procedure is to reroute and not cross barrier tapes," a spokesperson for Serve Robotics told Vice's Motherboard in an email. "However in this instance the robot supervisor believed they were being waved through. We're taking steps to ensure our operating procedures are followed in the future."