Video Showing Day in the Life of Tiny Tortoise Is So Irresistible

We just can't get enough of Fig.

We've introduced you to TikTok user @through.the.lleaves and her baby tortoise before, but another one of their videos came across our timelines and we had to share the cuteness again. 

This video is another "day-in-the-life" clip of her tortoise named Fig. First of all, we're obsessed with that name. SO cute! And secondly, we could just watch Fig every single day. This precious little fella is just too irresistible to ignore! 

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Doesn't this clip just brighten your entire day?! And if it doesn't, is that because you're jealous of Fig's life? LOL! You can admit it because we're absolutely jealous! Not only is Fig so stinkin' cute, but he also has the best life and an owner who cares for him so deeply. A dream, really! 

"A fresh salad?! Adventure hat?!? Can we be Fig?!" asked the official TikTok account for the video game The Sims, @thesims. We can't even make a better life than this while playing Sims! And it sounds like Fig will be living this fancy lifestyle for a very long time. The creator wrote in the comments, "Leopard tortoises only live about 30-70 years max! So hopefully we’ll be together our whole lives." We'd love, love, LOVE to see these two for the next 30 to 70 years! 

@evelyn_reads29 said, "Aww his little yawn." So dang cute! We get it, we'd be exhausted from living this lavish lifestyle as Fig does. LOL!


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