Video of Severely-Neglected Sheep's First Day at Rescue Shelter Is Heartwarming

We're so glad she's finally safe and sound.

TikTok user @harmonyhillfarmsanct is an animal sanctuary based in Northwest Illinois. This sanctuary brings in farm animals that have been neglected, abandoned or homeless. The sanctuary provides special care and a forever home. And some of the transformations in these animals are absolutely beautiful. 

For example, a sheep named Ellie Mae was brought in without ever getting her fleece sheared. That neglected act has caused it to grow over her face and it's very heavy on her. So during her first day at this rescue shelter, little miss Ellie Mae gets a haircut and it's the most heartwarming video you'll see all week. 

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Ugh, our hearts were breaking hearing about this, but we're so glad Ellie Mae is in such good hands now. And everyone is so invested in this story. The clip has over 3.1 million views!  

"THIS IS WHY IT'S NOT CRUEL TO SHEAR SHEEP. Hopefully, she feels better soon after a good haircut!" wrote @kelbiejayne. We hope she feels better too. "That must weigh so much for her to carry. Poor baby," added @yogapassi. We can't imagine the weight it adds to her. She'll feel relief soon enough. 

Another TikTok user, @leowife4life1, said, "Sweet girl, she’s going to feel so much better once she’s trimmed. Can’t wait to see her transformation." We can't wait either! There's no doubt in our minds that Ellie Mae will know she's safe and sound at this sanctuary as soon as she gets her trim. 


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