Video of a Seal Giving a Nose Boop Is Making Everybody’s Day

Shutterstock/Hinterhof Film

You've probably seen the nose boop trend on your social media channels, but what about a seal giving an underwater nose boop? Diver @Michael Boyd was lucky enough to get the nose boop, and shared a video of the cute seal at the beginning of November.

The video starts with the seal noticing Michael, and the curious guy comes up to check out what Michael's up to. He sees the camera and decides to investigate, and that turns in to a nose boop for us all!

Isn't this the coolest?! @Michael is a lucky guy! My husband and I used to scuba dive before we had kids, but I never got to experience something so cute get so close. It would've been a core memory for sure!

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There were lots of comments left about the cute seal and his nose boop. @Furmom said simply, "Ocean puppy!" and @Cipluk replied, "That's why in Indonesia we called it "Anjing laut" means sea-dog"! @l e a h wondered, "HOW DOES IT FEEL TO LIVE MY DREAMMM?!" and another commenter added, "This boop was the best thing in my life!" @imaluckydickens shared, "I was spearfishing in La Jolla and one of these guys grabbed my fish right out of my hands at about 30'! He turned around and winked at me I swear...."

While seals seem adorable and playful, they're still wild animals and should be treated as such. Michael shared a reminder in his caption that seals can and will bite. They're protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act and should never be touched or pet. He also said that any interactions should always be on their terms. I still think he's lucky and living the dream getting to get so close to this adorable seal!

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