Video of Rescued Beagle 'Finding His Voice' Makes Us So Happy

This sweet boy still needs a forever home.

Oftentimes rescue animals are timid when going to their foster homes and even their forever homes. They've been through so much trauma that it takes some time to get warmed up. But before you know it, they'll find their voice, literally.

A Beagle named Ash was rescued from very terrible conditions. Now he's living with a foster family and other foster dogs. We think maybe being with these other Beagles has helped him well, find his voice. Check out this precious clip of Ash that TikTok user @tribeagles posted. 

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Aww! We could listen to Ash's 'arooos' all. day. long. We're so happy that he's finding his voice and feeling more and more comfortable every day. It won't be long now, Ash, before you can AROOO in your own home! 

"Beagle howls are the best sound in the world!" said @_rooster76_. They really are! We would never get sick of hearing those howls, especially Ash's. @al001936 added, "Such a wonderful choir." LOL! We bet the choir never stops in this house of fosters. 

@alexishoffman348 commented, "I love the head back, ears flapping, and the howl." Just everything about Ash finding his voice is perfect! And we seriously can't wait to hear how much stronger his voice gets, especially when he's with his forever family. If you're interested in adopting Ash, or another Beagle, check out the Triangle Beagle Rescue of North Carolina website. Let's get these dogs home!


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