Video of Puppy Falling Asleep While Appearing On-Air Is a Total Vibe

When we usually think of puppies, we think of them with nonstop energy. They constantly want to play or run around, but every once in a while, they’ll tire themselves out, just like kids. And then, they'll pass out wherever and whenever their little legs give out. LOL!

Although, this one adorable little puppy fell asleep at the wrong time because she was on air! We don’t mind though because it captured the hearts of nearly 4 million TikTokers. Take a look at the clip from NBC10 which they posted to their TikTok account @nbc10boston.

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Ugh, stop it. We can’t handle this cuteness! How did they stay so calm when they realized the puppy fell asleep?! We would’ve completely melted if we were in these reporters’ shoes. But, to be fair, his reaction is so on-point. LOL!

"The little crossed feet," pointed out @minigirlkruze. Right?! That's a sign is was completely comfortable and in a deep sleep. She's probably dreaming about her future forever family since she's up for adoption. If you'd like to learn more about this sweetie pie, please visit the Animal Rescue League of Boston website for more information.

The official TikTok account for We Rate Dogs even commented and said, "Someone quickly and quietly adopt this angel right now." Yes times a million! Although, some TikTokers are saying this reporter should adopt this precious 10-week-old puppy. "I’m sorry sir, it seems you have not realized she has already adopted you. Please read the fine print," wrote @deanakouvatsos. This puppy and reporter is a match made in heaven!

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