Video of Precious Two-Legged Cat Playing with Toys Is Pure Joy

This is just too precious.

TikTok user @Purrasicduck has the sweetest little amputee rescue cat ever. Duck doesn't let the fact he's missing his front two legs stop him from being just as rambunctious and joyful as any four-legged feline. Cats who lose limbs due to illness or injury usually go on to live happy and totally fulfilling lives. It's always wonderful to see these animals in happy, loving homes.

Just watch this adorable video that's going viral to check out some of Duck's antics. He's just beyond cute. 

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We love him too much! @Raffyq.60265 says, "I love this cat. He/She walks & jumps around like a T-rex!" It's true, Duck is the happiest little dinosaur. @Grub posts, "They remind me of either a T-rex OR a kangaroo!" True, they do jump like a baby kangaroo. @GH says, "Such a happy sweet baby." 

He's obviously just so happy and active. We love how his cat sibling just watches him in the video like "Yup, there goes Duck again, acting like a maniac." This video will make anyone's day brighter, it's just too cute not to share! 

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