Video of Parrot Who Absolutely Loves the Rain Is So Full of Happiness

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We just love this bird's attitude.

Even though sun is the typical symbol of happiness, some are just happier in the rain. We get it! And so does Pumpkin, one talkative parrot who loves wet weather almost as much as he loves his mama. The adorable moment was posted on his TikTok account, @pumpkinalexander8, and we can't get enough! 

In the clip, the spoiled bird rests happily on his mum's arm as the two get positively soaked. Let's just say--Pumpkin is having way more fun than she is! We are loving his over-the-top reaction to the downpour, but his mama's banter is hilarious, too. Take a look at this dynamic duo:

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Don't you just love them? Every bird deserves to be spoiled like Pumpkin, but we sure hope his mum didn't catch a cold! Still, we know at least a million pet parents who would happily get the sniffles to see their buddies happy--us included!

Viewer @sam_i_am_6415 finds this just as precious as we do. They commented, "that's what you call a Happy Birdie!!!!!" Well yeah! From the happy dance to the fluffed-up feathers, it's impossible not to smile at Pumpkin's bubbly personality.

"When it rains they dance in the trees," explained @amani_3210. "When they're in their natural environment. he's happy." That's adorable! We had no idea Parrots could be so expressive, even in the wild. No wonder this guy is so energetic!

Of course, his amazing mum has a lot to do with his happiness, too. @Smocurly agrees, "such a good mom he is so happy 🥰." We hope she feels all the love! She's clearly adored by Pumpkin, but this incredible scene made fans out of us, too.