Video of police officer mowing woman's lawn goes viral: 'She was raised right'

A heartwarming video of a police officer mowing an elderly, disabled woman’s lawn on the Fourth of July has gone viral.

Officer Bridgette Wilson of West York Borough Police Department in York County, Pennsylvania, parked her car when she saw a woman struggling to mow her lawn in the heat.

Sharon Markle was alarmed when she saw the police officer walking towards her, and she wondered whether she had done something wrong.

“She got out of the car and she started to come towards me and I didn’t know what she was going to do!" Markle said in an interview with Fox 43. “I thought what did I do?!"

To her surprise, Officer Wilson took over mowing her lawn — and told her she should “sit down and get rest” because her face was “flushed,” according to Fox 43.

“I’ve never had anybody really do anything like that for me, and just come in and take over,” Markle told the Pennsylvania station. “She’s awesome.”

While Officer Wilson’s intention was likely just to get the elderly woman out of the sun, her kind act came at an important time for Markle. The woman, who could not immediately be reached by Yahoo Lifestyle, was struggling with mowing her lawn because she suffers from “75 percent arthritis” in one knee, which has been bothering her lately, according to Fox 43.

“I thanked her and said do I owe you anything,” Markle told the station. “And she said ‘Just a smile,’ and then she got in her car and drove away.”

A passerby, Ryan Brunner, who works at a nearby barbershop was on his way to work when he saw Wilson stop to help. He posted a video of her in action on Facebook, and people immediately began showering Wilson with compliments.

“That police officer is a role model for her colleagues and she was raised right,” one person wrote.

Another added “Officer Wilson is Amazing! This is not the first time I have seen her in my community giving back. I have seen her out with the local kids just emotionally connecting with them. Soooo awesome and EXACTLY what West York needs!”

Wilson’s selfless deed even inspired Brunner to reach out to Markle.

In a comment on his Facebook post, Brunner told his neighbor that she didn’t have to worry about mowing her lawn in the near future.

“Just so you know I work at the barber shop right around the corner,” his comment reads. “The guys and I at the shop are going to take care of your lawn for the rest of the summer.”

The West York Borough Police Department and Ryan Brunner did not immediately respond to Yahoo Lifestyle’s requests for comment.

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