Video of Muddy Golden Retriever Using Family’s Couch to Clean off Goes Viral

It seems that all dogs love to roll around in the mud, but most of them aren't allowed in the house afterwards. Now imagine working from home and after wrapping up a day full of online work meetings, you come out to find your muddy dog used the couch to clean off on! That's what happened in this video that ABC News shared on Monday, January 29th.

While Willow's mom and dad were busy working, she somehow found some mud to play in. Watch as her stunned mom and dad come out to find her trying to clean herself up on the family's cream-colored couch. Make sure your sound is on because you can hear the astonishment in mom's voice!

Can you even imagine this happening?! What a mess! I would probably have the exact same reaction that Willow's mom had; first stuttering and not being able to find the words, and then trying to verbally process what I was seeing! I'm not even sure that the couch can be cleaned without their being stains left on it...hopefully there's some kind of protection on the fabric!

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Cleaning Up Messes That Pets Make

@ABC News commenters didn't know if they believed that the video was real or not. Some thought it was maybe an ad for some kind of cleaning product or service. Others demanded something like this wouldn't have happened at their house. We had West Highland Terriers for years and they loved to dig in the flower beds. We had a doggy door that allowed our dogs to go in and out of the house on their own, and I know for certain that if I was busy and not paying attention, they would have definitely gone outside and dug around in the soil without me knowing. And while they weren't allowed on the couch, I have no doubt they still would've brough the mess inside and tracked it around.

While it's not funny in the moment, looking back on messes that pets make can be amusing...someday Willow's parents might even laugh over their debacle! Some pets love to go into the bathroom and play with the toilet paper roll. Although annoying, this is an easy mess to clean up. You're lucky when it's only a mess like this!

Other messes, like Willow's, seem almost impossible to clean. Pets can bring their outside messes inside, or even "presents" like dead birds, lizards, or worse (I'm speaking from experience here). Rolling in the mud (or digging in soil if you have snow white Westies!) calls for a bath, which can be very inconvenient in the middle of the day. Make sure you have emergency supplies (like pet shampoo, soap, etc.) on hand even if you don't normally bathe your pet at never know when you'll need it.

And when these messes happen, remember that correcting bad behavior like this should never result in yelling and screaming or hitting your pet. Just like with kids there's a right way and a wrong way to discipline, so make sure you (try) to keep your cool.

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