This video of Jonathan Bailey grinding his hips is making us (and the internet) go feral

When Jonathan Bailey tells us to drink our milk, we drink our milk!

The Fellow Travelers star caught our attention in a new video fashion designer Jonathan Anderson posted to Instagram from the Loewe Crafted World exhibition in Shanghai.

In the short video, Bailey is wearing green flare pants with a white t-shirt that says “drink your milk,” and you know we want to keep our bones strong! He’s also got a pair of long angel wings, bringing all of our fantasies about him to life.

In the video, Bailey is having the time of his life, grinding and swishing his hips to music and getting down. We could watch this for hours!!!

How can we get invited to these parties where Bailey swishes his hips and grinds?

There’s another photo of Bailey and Anderson walking through part of the new exhibit. In these other photos, Bailey is wearing a white sweater with blue stripes and khaki pants.

Scroll through to see even more footage of Bailey at the event.