Video: John Dilo's Mind-Melting Manual Tricks At MACBA

There he is. John Dilo hit us with these two heavy manual maneuvers at MACBA that deserve a hard pause.

A front bigspin fakie manny is not something you see often—very rare. And the Ollie over, drop down to nose manual nollie flip is not just a mouthful, it's a mind-melter all the same.

We know Dilo is no stranger to wild manual tricks, but it's hard to argue how impressive it is that he continues to deliver these difficult tricks at the rate he does.

Always smiling, always having a good time, it's nice to know that he's having fun doing these...because as most of us know, manual tricks are often a trigger to focus boards and scream like grown-up children. Especially ones of this caliber!

But it's just another day for John. Hard to be mad at one of skateboarding's most iconic plazas, I guess. But damn...just watch these again. So heavy! So much control. Borderline effortless.

Shane Heyl left a comment saying, "The pop on the nollie flip out was ridiculous!" and he isn't lying. This dude has Hulk ankles or something. A perfect example of power and style colliding, Dilo is killing it and we're here for it.

Video / @johndilo

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