Video: Jamie O'Brien Shoots for 20 Barrels During a Soft Top Session at Pipeline

Winter on the North Shore gets all the hype, but the late season is a lotta fun too.

By the time the circus the World Surf League creates has left town, the lineups, beaches, and bike path are a little less crowded. The waves get a little smaller, but that doesn't mean scoring pumping surf at Pipeline is over.

Pro surfer, YouTuber, and Pipeline tube rider extraordinaire Jamie O'Brien is proof of that in the video below where he scores pumping Pipe. O'Brien leaves his Tokoro shortboards on the rack and grabs a soft top for a fun, "lazy, lazy" session.

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The edit above opens in O'Brien's garage. This time it's introduced by his fiance, Tina Cohen, who's getting him ready for his session "out front" at Pipe.

After choosing a soft top and strapping on a helmet, O'Brien says:

"I'll be back in twenty barrels. This is all about the lazy surf session, 'cause right now it's three to four feet. There's kinda some fun ones. But, like, if I ride this board I can just track down every single wave. We've gotta get that barrel counter to twenty and then I'm gonna come in."

So that's his plan. J.O.B. paddles out to firing, barreling Pipe packed with other pros, on a mission for 20 barrels. It looks way bigger than three to four feet, and it's firing.

After he comes in, O'Brien calls it an "epic" session.

But does he get 20 barrels? Press play above to find out.


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