Video: Hundreds of Sharks Swarm San Diego Surf Town

Overpriced coffee, trust fund kids, practically constant perfect weather.

Southern California. It’s the place to be. If you have the money, that is. (See trust fund situation above). If not, maybe go busk on Venice boardwalk, but try to avoid Venice, if possible...unless you want pricey weed, $25 CDs by unsigned rappers, or scabies.

Down south, things are much more mellow. Even for the sharks.

The clip comes from longtime San Diego filmer, surfer, drone operator, and SURFER contributor Scott Fairchild. Looks like, it’s somewhere in La Jolla. It's flat, but damn clear, and no surfers were around, praise be [insert your funny little creature in the sky].

According to Fairchild:

“Sharks! Hundreds of Leopard Sharks.

“La Jolla Shores is always a beautiful place but it’s unusual to see so many leopard sharks here during the winter.

“We do, however, have the usual suspects, Horn sharks are absolutely everywhere right now!”

Leopard sharks. Typically smaller, typically less aggressive than juvenile great whites that are commonly seen in southern California. But still…that is a lot.

Now, let’s go back to the study from the Shark Lab at California State University Long Beach, which was specifically researching great whites, but still, there’s some pertinent information in there regarding the frequency and prevalence of sharks.

Related: Great White Sharks Near Surfers 97% of the Time in CA Waters, Study Shows

97% of the time – that’s how often then found sharks to be near surfers. But don’t fear.

“I think people will be shocked by these findings — we never expected to see so many encounters every day with no incidents,” said Chris Lowe, director of the Shark Lab. “We’re also using drones to examine how white sharks behave when they are near people and how they may tell the difference between surfers and swimmers.”


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