Video of Goat Begging for Kisses Is Too Cute to Resist

We'd shower him with all the kisses he wants!

Everyone likes to give and receive kisses with friends and family. There's no better feeling than being shown love and appreciation by those you care about, and kisses are one way to do that. One little critter on a farm wanted to show his love with some kisses in this awesome video you don't want to miss.

Goat Daddy's Farm is a goat dairy farm and animal sanctuary in South Carolina. They recently shared a video on their TikTok page, @goatdaddys, with one of their residents. In the video, this goat named Walnut is begging one of the farmers for kisses, and it's absolutely precious. Check out the video to see the irresistible moment for yourself!

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OMG, this is too cute! While this little goat didn't receive any kisses, Walnut blew plenty of them to the farmer. We wish we could be on the receiving end of some goat kisses!

People in the comments think it's so sweet that Walnut blew him kisses. @mrs.schwartz2021 said, "Awww he blew you a kiss!" and @weirdnoodle commented, "He blew you one, so sweet!" Walnut just wanted to give some lovin' to the farm crew!

Others thought Walnut was bitter that he didn't receive any kisses! @jeaniedilday410 commented, "He just shot you a raspberry!" and @jcp9276 said, "Well that's what you get for not kissing her." We're going to do this the next time a date refuses to kiss us!

We can't believe how cute this video is. Walnut's desire for kisses is just too good! We hope someone else came along and returned those kisses after the video.

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