Video of German Shepherd Trying to Retrieve Toy From a Boot Is Priceless

First the toy was stuck, now his head is stuck!

German Shepherds are totally loyal, incredibly smart, and complete and utter goofballs. Just ask any Shepherd owners. These gorgeous dogs love to play and act so silly you may think they actually know what they are doing and just doing things for human's amusement. 

That's why this video that TikTok user @Nawchose_ is so perfect. It clearly illustrates how silly German Shepherds can be. 

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LOL, what a cute little goof! He does look like a new breed of dinosaur. @Ilovetodoart has a novel suggestion, posting, "Now put some googly eyes on the boot. It will look awesome." It's true, googly eyes pretty much make everything awesome. @Xphantom104 adds, "The Jurassic bark." @Josh adds, "Oh my God. They do travel in herds!" Someone get Spielberg on the phone for Jurassic Park, Part 12 or whatever we are on now. 

For those of you concerned about the dog, @SeanT posts, that the boot fell off right after the video ended. He hopefully also retrieved that toy that was lost in there to begin with! 

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