Video: Felipe Nunes sessions rail through a ring of fire, what's your excuse?

Skateboarding and fire. Works every time!

Felipe Nunes was fired up over the weekend, catching a backside 5050 and backside five-0 on this 10-stair handrail through a burning ring of fire, blowing countless minds in the process—mine included.

I ask, What's your excuse? only because mine is: This looks insanely terrifying!

His ear-to-ear smile almost seems out of place amongst the cloudy sky and flaming circle, but at the same time, a smile does seem appropriate. Look at what he's doing! I'd be pretty relieved every time I made it through that ring unscathed.

That's the smile of someone who just scared the hell out of themselves and lived to tell about it.

Sessions like this are always so entertaining and a little overwhelming, mainly because so much could go wrong. It's not like you're wanting anything to go wrong, but you have to be prepared nonetheless. Thankfully, that wasn't the case here.

Felipe breezes through the flames and stomps both tricks with the same style and ease that he would've done without the extra heat. I mean...honestly, he's unfazed. Just a casual 10-stair session. No biggie.

I'd say he's really outdone himself here, but if you know Felipe's skating, you know this is just some light work with a little added heat. From the loop to flaming handrails, skateparks to schoolyards and beyond, Felipe continues to push the limits of what's possible on a skateboard. And we love to see it.

Video / @prefalife @felipenunesskate

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