Video of Extremely Rare Blue Lobster Caught by Maine Fisherman Is Going Viral

There's a one in two million chance of finding one.

We are so impressed by a fisherman from Mount Desert Island, Maine on TikTok who found something super rare in his latest catch. A blue lobster! Yep that's right, we said blue! Apparently, he was just as surprised to see the unusual lobster too. So he shared his find in a now-viral video on TikTok. 

Blake Haass is a 27-year-old lobster fisherman who always shares his latest catches on the video app. Usually he shares the most bizarre and unique finds during his work day. And this definitely counts as both. "Check out what we just caught in this trap," he said in a video on his page @maverick_207. "We just got a blue lobster. I looked it up, it's one in two million of how rare these are," he added. "I've only caught two of these my whole life," he said. You need to see this lobster for yourself, we've never seen anything like it!

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"Look at how pretty blue that is," he said later in the footage. 

The video has since been watched over 24.6 million times and so many people were astounded. "Beautiful. I have never seen one before," @fudgelayer wrote in the comments section."Haha did u use blue spray on him," @samcris11 joked. "I'm impressed by how unafraid you are handling those lobsters. I'd be terrified grabbing one without rubber bands around the claws," @bugeyejosh chimed in. 

Of course, so many people urged him to put the blue lobster back in the water. Which Haass totally did in a follow up video on his page. "Yes this Blue Lobster was released back into the ocean!" he wrote in the caption.

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So cool!