This Video of an Elderly Man Tenderly Combing His Ill Wife's Hair Gives Us All the Feels

WATCH: Video Shows Elderly Man Combing Ill Wife's Hair

An elderly couple’s tender moment amid a less than ideal situation is tugging on the heartstrings of Internet users everywhere.

In a video clip that has since gone viral, a man is seen sweetly combing his wife’s locks while she sits in a Florida hospital bed.

According to what appears to be the original posting, the couple have been wed for over 70 years and are named Sam and Nellie. The poster – the couple’s son Jamie Jones – commented that his mother had an infection in her kidneys.

During the video, Sam tells his wife at one point, “You used to comb my hair but I’ve never combed yours before.”

“This is the first time for this, you know,” he adds before turning to the man off-camera and asking, “Am I fixing her hair better?”

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Watch the full video above to see the lovely couple’s “aww” inspiring exchange.