Video of Service Dog in Training Completing an 'Apple Pay' Task Gives Us all the Feels

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The pup looks so proud!

Dogs are unbelievably smart, and this is made clear when watching service dogs work. They have the very important responsibility to keep their owners healthy and safe, and they do an excellent job. One service dog in training is putting his smarts on display in this viral video.

Canine Companions is an organization that provides service dogs to people of all ages and disabilities for free. On their TikTok account, @canineorg, they recently shared a video of one of their Labrador trainees completing a payment at the grocery store using Apple Pay, and we are so impressed! Check out the video to see how this good girl successfully completed her task.

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Aww, this is awesome! She is so smart and obedient, and we are very impressed with how easy this task was for her. This pup is once again proving that dogs are the best!

People in the comments were very impressed with this dog's skills. @puurple.clouud said, "This dog is more capable than most humans," and @user37478633789 commented, "So smart! I love watching service dogs at work! We don’t deserve them." It's truly so impressive what dogs are able to accomplish!

Others thought this pup might use her new talent to go shopping on her own! @miluna1978101 commented, "She's now going to go shopping at PetSmart without her." Another user, @lawyerkayla, imaged the pup might one day say, '“How’d those extra treats end up in the basket?”' now that she has control over the payments. We're sure this good girl wouldn't buy anything without permission, no matter how tempted she is!

We love seeing service dogs helping their owners. It is such a lovely act of kindness and compassion from our furry friends, and we are so thankful for them!