Video of Dog Recognizing MLB Uncle on TV Couldn't Be Sweeter

She was barking for a strike!

The World Series is in full swing with the Houston Astros and Philadelphia Phillies battling it out to take home the championship title. Eyes have been glued to the television since October playoff month began. And yes, that does include some pet eyes too. 

Alright, so maybe not all pets are interested in watching playoff baseball. But if you're the dog of a Fox Sports MLB analyst, you're definitely watching! Not only is TikTok user @ben_verlander's dog watching the game, but his dog is also actually cheering for someone in particular. You'll be so impressed with his dog Lyla's reaction when she sees her uncle pitching. 

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Stop it! Does it get any more precious than that?! We’re seriously blown away that his dog knew who was on the TV. If you haven’t believed it before, do you believe us now when we say dogs are too smart for us?

“He must play the best games of fetch,” said @spartanlady. OHHH! We didn’t even think about that. Maybe that’s why this dog recognized him on TV. LOL! @markmccarty23 added, “Oh god she wanted to play catch with him.” She’s over him being in the playoffs. She wants her favorite ball thrower to come back.

@pambamgoinham wrote, “Little Lylaaaaa is the best support.” 100%! Did you see how big her jumps got when they showed her uncle on the screen!? “This is why dogs are so awesome,” commented @eggy635. Retweet! Just another reason why we don't deserve them. 

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