Video of Dog Checking to See Who's Picking Him Up From Day Care Makes Us LOL

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It had better be the right person.

One of the first lessons our parents taught us as kids was to not go anywhere with strangers and never let someone you don't know pick you up from school. One dog dad imparted this lesson on his pup, which leads to some hilarious doggy day care pick up moments.

TikTok user @b105country recently shared a video of his dog, Jackson, getting ready to leave the doggy day care as his dad is picking him up at the end of the day. Before eagerly greeting the person who is picking him up, Jackson does a thorough check to make sure it is his dad. Check out this hilarious moment in the video below!

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LOL, this is too funny! Jackson is one smart pup for ensuring he isn't getting abducted by a stranger. We can understand the concern, because this pup is too cute!

People in the comments thought it was very amusing that this dog understood stranger danger. @ladycatalina13 said, "He wants to make sure it's someone he knows and not a stranger. Stranger danger is real." Another user, @sarahannern625, commented, "He’s waiting to hear the safe word." That is one responsible pup!

Others thought Jackson was just adorable. @jenmb2424 commented, "This is the cutest thing ever. Such a good boy," and @elizabethqueens37 said, "So cute making sure the right person is there." When Jackson realized it was his dad picking him up, his tailed looked so cute wagging in excitement!

We love that this pup is smart enough to check who is picking him up. That is some top-notch dog parenting!

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