Video of Chow Chow Begging for French Fries Is Impossible to Resist

How could anyone say no?

Many of us have a food we love but can't eat for dietary reasons. Perhaps the food causes stomachaches, or for some, sugary foods cause high blood sugars. One woman's pet knows this struggle all too well and she is going viral for her displeasure about the circumstances.

TikTok user @chowchowbabycher recently shared a video of her dog, a black Chow Chow named Cher, begging for food. In the video, Cher begs for french fries from her mom and is quite insistent that she be fed the human delicacy of her choice. Check out the video to see how Cher attempted to score some fries!

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Oh my goodness, Cher really wanted those french fries! The way she put her paw on her mom's leg to let her know she meant business is too funny. We can't believe her mom denied her the french fries!

People in the comments were amazed at this mom's ability to say no to that adorable face. @drunk_tater_tot said, "How do you tell that fluffy dog no? That face is way too cute," and @user3785654355574 commented, "OMG, she is so pretty I would give her everything!" We would find it very difficult to deny this pup anything she wanted.

Others made a few jokes about Cher's french fry demands. @_.maggie.may._ commented, "I'm her lawyer. Tummy aches are temporary. Give her the fries," and @christabrooke3 said, "The void demands sustenance." We think these are both valid reasons to give Cher some fries!

While Cher was not able to have fries because of her tummy ache from earlier in the day, we hope this injustice is rectified at a later date when Cher can eat as many french fries as she wants. What Cher wants, Cher must get!

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