Video of Chinchilla Holding Things He's 'Never Held' Is Downright Precious

This is enough to make anyone want a chinchilla.

It's always fun to see videos of unusual pets. Don't get us wrong, we love our cats and dogs, but seeing people share videos of their rare pets is an exciting change of pace. One person is sharing a video of their adorable and unconventional pet for the enjoyment of the internet.

TikTok user @chinpals recently shared a video of their chinchilla, Linus, stepping out of his comfort zone. In the video, Linus is holding things he has never held before, and the result is precious. Check out the video to see all the cuteness for yourself, and don't miss the funny moment at the end!

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OMG, Linus is too cute! This chinchilla is endlessly entertaining, and the way he threw the SD card at the end of the video cracked us up. He got fed up holding these silly little items!

People in the comments were fawning over how cute Linus is. @josiejones04 said, "He actually grabs it, that’s so cute," and @rmount5805 commented, "That is the cutest damn animal I’ve ever seen." Chinchilla's don't get enough appreciation for being so adorable!

Others made jokes about the outcome of the SD card. @jesusdeputybrodie commented, "Bro chose violence on that SD card," and @griffen__h said, "Linus did NOT like the SD card." The SD card was definitely Linus's least favorite thing to hold.

This video was fantastic to watch. We loved getting to see this chinchilla in action and holding all these various items. The way his little paws grabbed each thing is top notch!

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