Video of Cat Totally Feeling Taylor Swift's Music Is Classic

This cat is a whole vibe.

As Taylor Swift's Midnights spends its second week at the top of the Billboard 200, her fans are soaking in every moment of celebration and music. One of those fans is @casp.thecat's mama, who dedicates nearly every one of her kitty's TikTok videos to her favorite artist. We think it's safe to say--she's a Swiftie!

Before Midnights even released, though, this cat mama and her Scottish Fold were all about Taylor's music. One of their videos went viral after their followers caught a glimpse of Casper feeling "My Tears Richochet" in his very soul.

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Oh, Casper, we've been exactly where you are. Taylor's music has a way of speaking to the parts of us that need it the most. It's so easy to get lost in the lyrics and melodies! 

Viewer @butternutterrr69's one-word comment summed up everything about this video oh-so-perfectly: "mood." Everything from the minimalistic space to Casper's dramatic pose is aesthetic AF! We'd love to chill there listening to Midnights with Casper and his mom.

"I really hope TikTok shows Taylor this," wrote @maybeareallawyer. So do we! She would love the minimal look almost as much as she'd love Casper. She is a cat person, after all. Speaking of cats, @marijainthehouse's comment mentioned Taylor's! She said, "Meredith would get it," though we think all Swifties would get it, too. Whichever of Taylor's albums is your favorite, it's bound to bring out the feels. Just look at little Casper! 

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