Video of Cat Knocking Things Off the Counter Reminds Us Why We Love Cats

This cat's not having it with any of these things!

There's a really great GIF of a cat knocking things over and if you've seen it, you'll recognize the hilarious actions of the cat that TikTok user @Ruby_The_Doob posted in the following video. Cats don't need this, they don't need that, they don't need a roll of toilet paper, no thank you, sir. And good day to you! 

After watching this, you absolutely must do the same thing with your feline friend and let us know how that goes!

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Not gonna lie, we did get a little panicked over that engagement ring almost going under the oven, LOL. We weren't the only ones! @Susan posts, "I've lost more earrings under random pieces of furniture thanks to my cat so I knew that ring was a goner." @Basedsteve comments, "The ring nearly went under the stove!" @NatalieSmyth agrees with everyone and says, "The “oh sh*t” as the ring slides under the oven!" 

Best stick with the toilet paper the cat just "boops" on this one! There's no explanation as to why cats do this sort of thing, and that's just one of the great mysteries of cats that makes us love them all the more. Now, if you'll excuse us, we are off to go grab our cat and some items less valuable than diamond rings! 

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