Video of Bunny Happily Doing Zoomies Proves They Deserve More Than a Cage

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Bunnies love to run around and play too!

You might've seen a dog with the zoomies, but have you ever seen a bunny? Bunny owners know to get out of the way when their animal has too much energy. But gosh darn it, it's just so cute. One person on TikTok even recorded her two buns chasing each other around the backyard, in what is assuredly the most adorable case of the zoomies we've ever seen. 

Honey and Hugo are free range buns who live with their owner @honeys_bunnies. Their TikTok page shows all facets of their lives — including playtime, which is obviously their favorite time of the day. The footage shows the buns running around the yard, first in slow motion then in real time so you can see how fast they move. Go little bunnies, go! 

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However, there's another reason why their owner shared the video. "This is why a hutch is not enough, bunnies deserve so much better than to be kept in a tiny hutch their entire life," the video's caption reads. 

"People don’t realize how well trained they can be too! House bunnies are the best," @thatgeeksoph wrote in the comments section. "Love it. I have 22 rabbits. Love watching them all jump and hop around like this," @itsaflockwarrenpackthing agreed. "Yes! Happy hops cannot be done in a cage! They are easily litter box trained and deserve to free roam," @fixchix chimed in. "We have never closed the door on our rabbits enclosures! They use the cat flap to go in and out the house to the garden," @bethanywalmsley chimed in. 

Sounds like so many people are treating their bunnies right!