Video of Bulldog Sweetly Asking for Permission to Sleep in His Sister's Bed Is Just Precious

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What an absolute doll this pup is.

If you snore at night, then you'll understand why one Bulldog waits for his sister every night before bed. Big sis is the only person in the family who can take Gordo's snoring. So of course they have a special bond, which can be seen in a video on his TikTok page @rockeyelgordo.

If there's one thing that Gordo loves to do, it's sleep. But that doesn't mean he's welcome to snooze in every room of the house. "Every night I wait for sissy's permission to sleep with her, she's the only one that puts up with my snoring," the video's text overlay states. The poor pup is practically begging to be let into bed. "May I sleep with you," it continues. "Come on, stop playing." We don't know if we could resist that little face! 

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Of course, sis finally let him in. "Took you long enough, don't touch me," the caption states, as if sensing Gordo's anger. 

The video has since been watched over 126,000 times and people in the comments section were smitten. "Awww, so adorable. I lost my Bullygirl in Jan and miss her snoring at night. I don't sleep well, anymore," @just_duchess_and_mille shared. "My Bulldog sleeps with me every night!!" @sherricrabtree chimed in. "All five of my Frenchies sleep with us lol one had surgery and still snores," @zombiefanatic85 wrote. "I can’t tolerate a person snoring but dog snoring is the cutest thing!! Makes me giggle," @the.crystal1 added. 

Later in the thread, the TikTok creator explained that why Gordo loves sleeping with his big sis so much. "When she’s not around he gets super anxious so I’ll place with me or his brother but he prefers her every time," they wrote.

Too sweet!