Video of bride working on laptop draws mixed response on social media: 'What the hell????'

A video of an Indian bride working on her laptop has gone viral on Twitter.where it has drawn both lighthearted jokes and backlash from social media users.On July 3, a Twitter user by the name of Dinesh Joshi...shared a 13-second clip of the bride taking a phone call while working on her laptop.The groom can be seen taking a seat next to her, seemingly unsure of what to do.The video has since gotten more than 56,000 views and mixed responses.“Ha ha ha. Heights of work pressure,” one person wrote.Others, however, were left dumbfounded — some even accused the bride of trying to grab attention on social media.One Twitter user gave the most reasonable explanation as to why the woman was even on her laptop in the first place.“It’s a zoom telecast on the wedding day …” the user wrote.“I have attended one recently …”

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