Video of Brand New Baby Alpaca Just After Birth Has People Amazed

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What a beautiful moment to capture on video.

Animal births are always an interesting topic to learn about. The way that animals are able to give birth without any assistance from humans is an incredible feat that leaves us in awe. We gained a further appreciation for female animals recently when one TikTok video gave us a glimpse into the birth of an alpaca, and we were simply amazed at the outcome.

TikTok user @thestarlitvillage recently shared a video from the morning after the birth of a baby alpaca on their farm! In the video, the owner walks outside on a foggy morning to see a newborn baby alpaca named Losi laying on the ground with Mama stands over him protectively. The text in the video explains that Losi was named after the owner's grandfather, who was born on the same day. How sweet! Check out the video to see how baby Losi is doing and how happy his mom is.

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Wow, this is awesome! Losi seemed to be a bit tired, but Momma was standing tall and proud. Their owner confirmed that both the baby and the mom are healthy and happy. Amazing!

People in the comments loved how pleased this mom was of her successful birth and cute baby. @jessicalanurse said, "The way momma looks at you like she got caught or something. So cute," and @slhuckins1 commented, 'Mom is so unbothered, I love it. She's like, "See this I did this no big deal!"' We love a proud momma moment!

Others thought this was a beautiful scene of nature that the owner was able to share with the internet! @screwsgirl1369 commented, "Birth in itself is always a miracle..." and @sallyyen876 said, "Absolutely AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL." This must have been such a pleasant surprise to wake up to!

We are so glad Losi's birth was successful and the family is doing well! Their owners confirmed that Momma is very trusting of them, and she allowed them to get close to meet the baby and clean him off. We are wishing Losi and his mom all the best!