Video: Big Wave Surfer Nathan Florence Chases Waves in Glacial Waters

Late last year we watched big wave surfer Nathan Florence and his wife, Mahina, travel through northern Europe.

He vlogged the adventure while continuing his self-proclaimed Slab Tour through cold water, remote country sides, and surfing death slabs on borrowed boards.

In his latest vlog below, Florence flashes back to their quest through Iceland. From surfing to running out of gas surrounded by sheep, it's like a surfing reality TV show.

Opening the video, Nate says:

"We are here in Iceland to see, explore, check everything out.

"It's a place me and Mahina wanted to visit. We've seen a few fun waves in some edits and figured, if we can go surf and have fun..."

Nate says their even expecting to find "Mahina waves" that she can ride on the gun he brought. But, the trip's not all about surfing. They're open to seeing what else "Iceland has to offer."

"The waterfalls, hikes, you know we love hiking, hot springs, all that cool stuff. We're gonna do it. So we're here, we're exploring, we're looking for waves," he adds.

As expected, surfing ensues. Not long after, the couple runs out of gas and ends up pushing the car in the middle of nowhere  aiming to park it at a roadside farm.

Instead, Mahina says, "Nathan thought, 'No, we'll just not pull into the safety zone, and park the car right in the middle of the road with no gas.'

"We feel like such idiots, how embarrassing, how embarrassing. But not a bad place to get stuck I guess. Stunning."

Don't worry, a "kind" woman helped save the day.

Press play above for the rest.


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